Source code for boxsdk.object.retention_policy

# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import
import json

from .base_object import BaseObject
from ..pagination.marker_based_object_collection import MarkerBasedObjectCollection
from ..util.api_call_decorator import api_call

[docs]class RetentionPolicy(BaseObject): """Represents a Box retention policy.""" _item_type = 'retention_policy'
[docs] def get_url(self, *args): """ Returns the url for this retention policy. """ return self._session.get_url('retention_policies', self._object_id, *args)
[docs] @api_call def assign(self, assignee, fields=None): """Assign a retention policy to a Box item :param assignee: The item to assign the retention policy on. :type assignee: :class:`Folder`, :class:`Enterprise`, or :class:`MetadataTemplate` :param fields: List of fields to request. :type fields: `Iterable` of `unicode` :returns: A :class:`RetentionPolicyAssignment` object. :rtype: :class:`RetentionPolicyAssignment` """ url = self._session.get_url('retention_policy_assignments') body = { 'policy_id': self.object_id, 'assign_to': { 'type': assignee.object_type, 'id': assignee.object_id, } } params = {} if fields is not None: params['fields'] = ','.join(fields) response =, data=json.dumps(body), params=params).json() return self.translator.translate( session=self._session, response_object=response, )
[docs] @api_call def assignments(self, assignment_type=None, limit=None, marker=None, fields=None): """Get the assignments for the retention policy. :param assignment_type: The type of retention policy assignment to retrieve. Can be set to 'folder', 'enterprise', or 'metadata_template'. :type assignment_type: `unicode` or None. :param limit: The maximum number of items to return. :type limit: `int` or None :param marker: The position marker at which to begin the response. :type marker: `unicode` or None :param fields: List of fields to request. :type fields: `Iterable` of `unicode` :returns: An iterable of assignments in the retention policy. :rtype: :class:`BoxObjectCollection` """ additional_params = {} if assignment_type is not None: additional_params['assignment_type'] = assignment_type return MarkerBasedObjectCollection( session=self._session, url=self.get_url('assignments'), additional_params=additional_params, limit=limit, marker=marker, fields=fields, return_full_pages=False, )