Source code for boxsdk.pagination.marker_based_object_collection

# coding: utf-8

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from .box_object_collection import BoxObjectCollection

[docs]class MarkerBasedObjectCollection(BoxObjectCollection): """ An iterator of Box objects (BaseObjects) that were retrieved from a Box API endpoint that supports marker type of pagination. See for more details. """ def __init__( self, session, url, limit=None, fields=None, additional_params=None, return_full_pages=False, marker=None, supports_limit_offset_paging=False, ): """ :param marker: The offset index to start paging from. :type marker: `str` or None :param supports_limit_offset_paging: Does this particular endpoint also support limit-offset paging? This information is needed, as the endpoints that support both require an special extra request parameter. :type supports_limit_offset_paging: `bool` """ super(MarkerBasedObjectCollection, self).__init__( session, url, limit=limit, fields=fields, additional_params=additional_params, return_full_pages=return_full_pages, ) self._marker = marker self._supports_limit_offset_paging = supports_limit_offset_paging def _update_pointer_to_next_page(self, response_object): """Baseclass override.""" self._marker = self._get_next_marker_from_response_object(response_object) def _has_more_pages(self, response_object): """Baseclass override.""" return bool(self._get_next_marker_from_response_object(response_object)) @staticmethod def _get_next_marker_from_response_object(response_object): """Get the marker that should be used to retrieve the next page. When we've just retrieved the last page, the API is inconsistent about what it returns. Some endpoints return "next_marker":"", some return "next_marker":null, some don't give any "next_marker" value. In all of these cases, this method will return `None`. Otherwise, this method returns the string value of the "next_marker" field. :rtype: `unicode` or `None` """ return response_object.get('next_marker') or None def _next_page_pointer_params(self): """Baseclass override.""" pointer_params = {} # For transitioning endpoints that support both marker and limit-offset paging, we must specify an # additional 'useMarker' parameter to the Box API. if self._supports_limit_offset_paging: pointer_params['useMarker'] = True if self._marker is not None: pointer_params['marker'] = self._marker return pointer_params
[docs] def next_pointer(self): """Baseclass override.""" return self._marker