Source code for boxsdk.session.box_response

# coding: utf-8

from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import

[docs]class BoxResponse(object): """Represents a response to a Box API request.""" def __init__(self, network_response): self._network_response = network_response
[docs] def json(self): """Return the parsed JSON response. :rtype: `dict` or `list` or `str` or `int` or `float` """ return self._network_response.json()
@property def content(self): """Return the content of the response body. :rtype: varies """ return self._network_response.content @property def ok(self): """Return whether or not the request was successful. :rtype: `bool` """ # pylint:disable=invalid-name return self._network_response.ok @property def status_code(self): """Return the HTTP status code of the response. :rtype: `int` """ return self._network_response.status_code @property def headers(self): """ Get the response headers. :rtype: `dict` """ return self._network_response.headers @property def network_response(self): """Return the underlying network response. :rtype: :class:`NetworkResponse` """ return self._network_response def __repr__(self): return '<Box Response[{status_code}]>'.format(status_code=self.status_code)