Source code for boxsdk.auth.developer_token_auth

# coding: utf-8

from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import

from six.moves import input  # pylint:disable=redefined-builtin

from .oauth2 import OAuth2

[docs]class DeveloperTokenAuth(OAuth2): ENTER_TOKEN_PROMPT = 'Enter developer token: ' def __init__(self, get_new_token_callback=None, **kwargs): self._get_new_token = get_new_token_callback super(DeveloperTokenAuth, self).__init__( client_id=None, client_secret=None, access_token=self._refresh_developer_token(), **kwargs ) def _refresh_developer_token(self): if self._get_new_token is not None: return self._get_new_token() return input(self.ENTER_TOKEN_PROMPT) def _refresh(self, access_token): """ Base class override. Ask for a new developer token. """ self._access_token = self._refresh_developer_token() return self._access_token, None
[docs] def revoke(self): """ Base class override. Do nothing; developer tokens can't be revoked without client ID and secret. """