Source code for boxsdk.auth.redis_managed_oauth2

# coding: utf-8

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from uuid import uuid4

from redis import StrictRedis
from redis.lock import Lock

from .oauth2 import OAuth2

[docs]class RedisManagedOAuth2Mixin(OAuth2): """ Box SDK OAuth2 subclass. Allows for storing auth tokens in redis. """ def __init__(self, unique_id=uuid4(), redis_server=None, *args, **kwargs): """ :param unique_id: An identifier for this auth object. Auth instances which wish to share tokens must use the same ID. :type unique_id: `unicode` :param redis_server: An instance of a Redis server, configured to talk to Redis. :type redis_server: :class:`Redis` """ # pylint:disable=keyword-arg-before-vararg self._unique_id = unique_id self._redis_server = redis_server or StrictRedis() refresh_lock = Lock(redis=self._redis_server, name='{0}_lock'.format(self._unique_id)) super(RedisManagedOAuth2Mixin, self).__init__(*args, refresh_lock=refresh_lock, **kwargs) if self._access_token is None: self._get_and_update_current_tokens() @property def unique_id(self): """ Get the unique ID used by this auth instance. Other instances can share tokens with this instance if they share the ID with this instance. """ return self._unique_id def _get_tokens(self): """ Base class override. Gets the latest tokens from redis before returning them. """ return self._redis_server.hvals(self._unique_id) or (None, None) def _store_tokens(self, access_token, refresh_token): """ Base class override. Saves the refreshed tokens in redis. """ super(RedisManagedOAuth2Mixin, self)._store_tokens(access_token, refresh_token) self._redis_server.hmset(self._unique_id, {'access': access_token, 'refresh': refresh_token})
[docs]class RedisManagedOAuth2(RedisManagedOAuth2Mixin): """ OAuth2 subclass which uses Redis to manage tokens. """ pass