Source code for boxsdk.object.collaboration

# coding: utf-8

from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import

from boxsdk.object.base_object import BaseObject
from boxsdk.util.text_enum import TextEnum
from ..util.api_call_decorator import api_call

[docs]class CollaborationRole(TextEnum): """An enum of possible collaboration roles""" EDITOR = 'editor' VIEWER = 'viewer' # Available to enterprise accounts: PREVIEWER = 'previewer' UPLOADER = 'uploader' PREVIEWER_UPLOADER = 'previewer uploader' VIEWER_UPLOADER = 'viewer uploader' CO_OWNER = 'co-owner' OWNER = 'owner'
[docs]class CollaborationStatus(TextEnum): """An enum of possible statuses of a collaboration""" PENDING = 'pending' ACCEPTED = 'accepted' REJECTED = 'rejected'
[docs]class Collaboration(BaseObject): """An object that represents a collaboration between a folder and an individual or group""" _item_type = 'collaboration'
[docs] @api_call def update_info(self, role=None, status=None): """Edit an existing collaboration on Box :param role: The new role for this collaboration or None to leave unchanged :type role: :class:`CollaborationRole` :param status: The new status for this collaboration or None to leave unchanged. A pending collaboration can be set to accepted or rejected if permissions allow it. :type status: :class:`CollaborationStatus` :returns: Whether or not the edit was successful. :rtype: `bool` :raises: :class:`BoxAPIException` if current user doesn't have permissions to edit the collaboration. """ # pylint:disable=arguments-differ data = {} if role: data['role'] = role if status: data['status'] = status return super(Collaboration, self).update_info(data=data)
[docs] @api_call def accept(self): """Accepts a pending collaboration""" return self.update_info(status='accepted')
[docs] @api_call def reject(self): """Rejects a pending collaboration""" return self.update_info(status='rejected')