Source code for boxsdk.object.metadata_cascade_policy

# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import unicode_literals

import json

from .base_object import BaseObject
from ..util.text_enum import TextEnum
from ..util.api_call_decorator import api_call

[docs]class CascadePolicyConflictResolution(TextEnum): PRESERVE_EXISTING = 'none' OVERWRITE = 'overwrite'
[docs]class MetadataCascadePolicy(BaseObject): """Represents a metadata cascade policy, which applies folder metadata to files in that folder.""" _item_type = 'metadata_cascade_policy'
[docs] def get_url(self, *args): """ Base class override to account for the correct pluralization. :rtype: `unicode` """ return self._session.get_url('metadata_cascade_policies', self.object_id, *args)
[docs] @api_call def force_apply(self, conflict_resolution): """ Applies the metadata values on the folder to all files within the folder. The conflict resolution parameter determines how conflicts when the same metadata template is already applied to a file will be handled; either the file's existing values or the folder values can be given precendence. :param conflict_resolution: How conflicting metadata values should be reolved :type conflict_resolution: :class:`CascadePolicyConflictResolution` :returns: Whether the force application succeeded. :rtype: `bool` """ url = self.get_url('apply') body = { 'conflict_resolution': conflict_resolution, } response =, data=json.dumps(body), expect_json_response=False) return response.ok