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# coding: utf-8

from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import

import json

from .base_endpoint import BaseEndpoint
from ..pagination.limit_offset_based_object_collection import LimitOffsetBasedObjectCollection
from ..util.api_call_decorator import api_call
from ..util.text_enum import TextEnum

[docs]class SearchScope(TextEnum): """Enum of possible serach scopes.""" USER = 'user_content' ENTERPRISE = 'enterprise_content'
[docs]class TrashContent(TextEnum): """Enum of trash content values.""" NONE = 'non_trashed_only' ONLY = 'trashed_only'
[docs]class MetadataSearchFilter(object): """ Helper class to encapsulate a single search filter. A search filter can only search against one template, but can filter on many fields. See :class:`MetadataSearchFilters`. """ def __init__(self, template_key, scope): """ :param template_key: The key of the template to search on :type template_key: `unicode` :param scope: The scope of the template to search on :type scope: `unicode` """ self._template_key = template_key self._scope = scope self._field_filters = {}
[docs] def as_dict(self): """ Returns a `dict` representation of this object :return: The `dict` representation :rtype: `dict` """ return { 'templateKey': self._template_key, 'scope': self._scope, 'filters': self._field_filters }
[docs] def add_value_based_filter(self, field_key, value): """ Add a value-based filter (used for token-based search on string fields, and exact match search on all other fields) :param field_key: The field key to filter on :type field_filter: `unicode` :param value: The value to use to filter :type value: `unicode` """ self._field_filters.update({field_key: value})
[docs] def add_range_filter(self, field_key, gt_value=None, lt_value=None): """ Add a range filter (used for ranged searches on numbers and dates) :param field_key: The field key to filter on :type field_filter: `unicode` :param gt_value: The lower bound of the range filter (inclusive) :type gt_value: `unicode` or `int` or `float` or `long` or None :param lt_value: The upper bound of the range filter (inclusive) :type lt_value: `unicode` or `int` or `float` or `long` or None """ range_part = {} if gt_value: range_part['gt'] = gt_value if lt_value: range_part['lt'] = lt_value if not range_part: raise ValueError('Should specify gt and/or lt') self._field_filters.update({field_key: range_part})
[docs]class MetadataSearchFilters(object): """ Helper class to encapsulate a list of metadata search filter params (mdfilters API param) See for more details """ def __init__(self): self._filters = []
[docs] def as_list(self): """ Get a list of filters from this object to use as a parameter in the Search API :return: The list of filters :rtype: `list` of `dict` """ return [metadata_filter.as_dict() for metadata_filter in self._filters]
[docs] def add_filter(self, metadata_filter): """ Add a filter to this object. Note that the API only supports one filter. :param metadata_filter: The filter to add :type metadata_filter: :class:`MetadataSearchFilter` """ self._filters.append(metadata_filter)