Source code for boxsdk.pagination.limit_offset_based_object_collection

# coding: utf-8

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from .box_object_collection import BoxObjectCollection

[docs]class LimitOffsetBasedObjectCollection(BoxObjectCollection): """ An iterator of Box objects (BaseObjects) that were retrieved from a Box API endpoint that supports limit-offset type of pagination. See for more details. """ def __init__( self, session, url, limit=None, fields=None, additional_params=None, return_full_pages=False, offset=0, ): """ :param offset: The offset index to start paging from. :type offset: `int` """ super(LimitOffsetBasedObjectCollection, self).__init__( session, url, limit=limit, fields=fields, additional_params=additional_params, return_full_pages=return_full_pages, ) self._offset = offset def _update_pointer_to_next_page(self, response_object): """Baseclass override.""" total_count = response_object['total_count'] # The API might use a lower limit than the client asked for, if the # client asked for a limit above the maximum limit for that endpoint. # The API is supposed to respond with the limit that it actually used. # If that is given, then use that limit for the offset calculation, and # also for the remainder of the paging. # # Similarly, the API reports the offset that it used. In theory, this # should always be the same as what was requested. But just in case, do # the same thing with offset. if 'limit' in response_object: self._limit, old_limit = int(response_object['limit']), self._limit # If the API erroneously sends a bad value for limit, we want to # avoid getting into an infinite chain of API calls. So abort with # a runtime error. if self._limit <= 0 < old_limit: self._offset = total_count # Disable additional paging. raise RuntimeError('API returned limit={0}, cannot continue paging'.format(self._limit)) if 'offset' in response_object: self._offset = int(response_object['offset']) if total_count >= self._offset + self._limit: self._offset += self._limit else: self._offset = total_count def _has_more_pages(self, response_object): """Baseclass override.""" return self._offset < response_object['total_count'] def _next_page_pointer_params(self): """Baseclass override.""" return {'offset': self._offset}
[docs] def next_pointer(self): """Baseclass override.""" return self._offset